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Verona in Love at Valentine’s Day

Lamberti Tower and Giuseppe Mazzini Street
Lamberti Tower and Giuseppe Mazzini Street

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O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?

For Valentin’s day or San Valentino how Italians say, the streets of Verona fill up with romance… Couples all over the world come to swear their love in the city of Romeo and Juliet. Under an umbrella, a balcony, in a square, behind an ancient wall, you can hear whispers and kisses flying in the air.
Heart lanterns for Valentine's Day in Verona, Italy
You can start your tour in Piazza Bra. Stands with sweets and souvenirs advertise Italian delights. Mediterranean smells of garlic, fresh basil, hot tomato sauce and steaming pasta are calling you for diner in one of the restaurants nearby.

Piazza Bra for Valentine's Day in Verona, Italy

After having enjoyed the Italian cuisine and wine, a walk into the Bra Square will reveal one of the best preserved ancient constructions – Arena di Verona.

Arena in Verona, Italy

Built in the 1st century is still used today as one of the great opera amphitheater. You can book in advance for the annually Opera Festival that takes place between June and early September. Near the Arena, there is Palazzo Barbieri used as Comune di Verona or City Hall.

Palazzo Barbieri - the city hall in Verona, Italy

The night is warm, few rain drops are slipping over the ancient paved streets – just a good reason for lovers to embrace and share the umbrella. On the via Giuseppe Mazzini, the illuminated shops and hearts increase the charm of the night.
Lamberti Tower and via Giuseppe Mazzini for Valetine's Day in Verona, Italy
Continue your walk on the via Giuseppe Mazzini to the Lamberti Tower near Piazza delle Erbe. The tower has 84 m high and two bells. You can climb it during the day to have a magnificent view over the Verona city and Adige river.

Lamberti Tower by Night in Verona, Italy

If your not already too tired, 15 minutes walk will take you to the Castel Vecchio, on the bank of Adige river. Enjoy the silence gathered into it’s walls for years. Adige flows tirelessly under the bridge Ponte di Castelvecchio carrying the moments on the tips of it’s waves.

Castel Vecchio by Night in Verona, Italy

Climbing the hills or taking a taxi to Santa Madona di Lourdes church, you can have a wider view over the city and the river. Take a moment to listen the noises of the night. Echoes are reaching from beneath blending with closer noises in an interesting and frightening mix. The panoramic is just impressive!
Verona by Night Seen from the Hills