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Medieval Festival in Bouillon, Belgium

Bouillon Medieval Festival
Bouillon Medieval Festival

Bouillon is a charming medieval city in Belgium, along the Semois river, in the province of Luxembourg. It’s best known for the fortified medieval castle which watches the city over a rocky cliff. The Lord Godfrey of Bouillon sold the castle to the Bishop of Liege in order to finance the First Crusade.

Medieval Castle in Bouillon on the Semois river

Every summer, around 9 and 10 August, the city is hosting one of the biggest medieval festivals in Belgium.
The narrow streets are filling with tourists gathered here to taste from the local products and take part of the street festivities. The roads that lead to the city center will be filled up fast with cars, parked on both senses, because the parking in the city is already crowded.

Bouillon City on the Semois River

The festival is divided in 2 camps, one near the city center, and the other on the river’s shore, behind the castle. At the first camp, there are a lot of stands with hand made leather objects, wooden swords, buffalo polished horns which can be used for drinking beer.

Horns at Bouillon Medieval Festival

The smell of boiling meat with vegetables is spreading in the air calling you from far away.
Authentic medieval food will take you to past times and will make you wonder: “Is this how they were eating back then”? Roasted pork meat with onion and cabbage must have been one of the favorites at medieval feasts.

Sausages at Bouillon Medieval Festival

Street troops are crossing the city to delight the public with their dancing and instruments. With tattoos and dressed in leather, they are reproducing the entertainment from the past. You can also by one of their CD’s.

Medieval troop performing in street

The second camp lies on the valley of Semois river, behind the castle. Having much more space, the tents are scattered allover trying to imitate the style of medieval leaving. Horses, sheep and goats are tied near the
tents in a try to create an authentic scenery.
Handcrafted weapons and wooden objects enrich the stands and attract the curious tourists encouraging to try them.

Lances at Bouillon Medieval Festival

If you’re wandering how would be to drink beer from a handmade wooden pint, you have to try it.
Wooden pints at Bouillon Medieval Festival

It’s so interesting that people are preserving theese old habits, objects and memories just to bring them among us nowadays. Tents lined with sheepskin, stew boiling in aluminium cauldrons, the smell of burned wood, are all here to submerge us in a long forgotten atmosphere.

Medieval tent at Bouillon Festival

Behind a tree, taking a look at the battle fields is like watching a medieval movie. Women are cooking, freshly washed clothes are hanging on a rope, children dressed in linen clothes are running around and laughing. You are so lost in the moment and astonished by the unfamiliar life that unfolds under your eyes, that you almost forget about the contemporary times.
Medieval tents on the Semois valley in Bouillon

Inspired from the period of Crusades, the knights will perform demonstration fights.

Medieval tents on the Semois valley in Bouillon

After seeing this live scenery depicting how a normal day life was, you start to ask yourself: “Was is better than or is it better now? Which of the times would I choose if I could?”